Making a return on GTRONIC-LA is a completely free process, you just have to follow the steps that are detailed below.

Which products are subject to changes or returns?

Within our variety of categories there are a set of products that, due to their composition, packaging or nature do not attend to exchange or return processes.    Our Products that are not properly sealed, or others that may apply certain conditions.     Additionally, all electronic products or any other source that are violated from their security seals must complete all quality review protocols for the return to be approved.     However, if for any reason you wish to change or return any product you can via email (our mail) raise your query as long as you have not used, opened or modified the product which must be previously validated by our team to indicate if appropriate or Not the return record.

What is the time allowed to return a product?

GTRONIC-LA Products: Accounts with a period of 5 business days after receipt of the product to register the return through the website as indicated at the beginning of this form.     Once the return or exchange is approved, you should not bear any expenses since GTRONIC-LA assumes the costs involved in the process.

Conditions for a return or exchange of a product:

 At the time of making a change or return you must have the original invoice and packaging in perfect condition since if you have deterioration or its loss the return can be automatically denied.    Accessories and informational material that contains the product must also be returned in perfect condition and within the product packaging.    It will only proceed in a formal way with all those applications that are duly registered through the website and comply with each of the steps duly indicated at the beginning of this section.

How long does a return take?

 We remind you that, to make a return or exchange accounts with 5 business days from the receipt of the product GTRONIC-LA And after receipt of the product you have a period of 72 business hours to comply with all the review and control processes of quality that will allow us to give an approval response and next steps via email.    Refunds or credit vouchers generation attend a 24-hour process by complying with the registration and approval after notification of denied or canceled orders if this is the case. For all cases, you must complete the corresponding steps and forms by using email.